Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stay Connected with Parents & Students!


Texting Craze
The average adult sends/receives 30-50 texts per day; extreme texters even send up to 2000 texts in just a couple of days!  Do you think parents are as faithful to checking their child’s folders every day for important notes/papers as they are at checking their phones?  Mostly likely NO! 

And what about students?  A recent article from CNN stated, “Although teens make or receive about five calls a day, half of them send a minimum of 50 text messages a day…one in three teens send more than 100 texts a day.”

Teachers Texting?
For many, text messaging has become the preferred method of communication, so, why shouldn’t teachers tap into that and keep parents and students informed via text?  One of the simplest ways of texting parents/students is by using Remind (formerly Remind101).  It’s quick, easy, and FREE!  Teachers can create classes and text parents/students with reminders, praise, reschedules, important notes, files, photos, and much more.

Get Feedback!
Parents/Students cannot respond to Remind messages with a text, but with the newly added Stamps feature, students and parents can provide instant feedback to a teacher’s Remind message.  Students and parents receive the message on the Remind app and can choose one of four stamps to give feedback ?.  This helps teachers get instant feedback on who is reading your messages, who likes them, or answers to questions (i.e., Who is going on the field trip tomorrow?  Did you sign your child’s permission slip?  Did you study for your math test?).  

Get Started!
To get started, simply go to Remind.com and sign up OR download our FREE Remind.com Teacher User Guide for step-by-step instructions and helpful hints.

We hope this helps you stay connected this year!  Comment below or email us at watsonworks1@outlook.com if you have any questions. 

~Heather & Ashley

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