Sunday, February 26, 2017

TEST PREP GIVEAWAY for 3rd-5th Grade!

Hey Friends!  2017 brought with it the crazy test-prep season, so to make this time a bit less painful for our 3rd-5th grade teacher friends, we got together with some of our FAVORITE Texas teachers to donate some of our best test prep products to bring YOU a Texas-sized TEST PREP GIVEAWAY!!

Four lucky winners will receive all the test prep tools below (1 winner for reading, 1 for writing, 1 for math, & 1 for science), and then ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive an $80 TeachersPayTeachers.com GIFT CARD!  Entry for the giveaway starts NOW and ends Wednesday, March 1st.  You may enter any or all of the subject-area & gift card giveaways listed below (5 total).

Reading Tools:

➔Enter the Reading Test Prep Giveaway here.

Writing Tools:

➔Enter the Writing Test Prep Giveaway here.

Math Tools:

➜Enter the Math Test Prep Giveaway here.

Science Tools:

➜Enter the Science Test Prep Giveaway here.

We believe these AMAZING tools are going to make this test prep season STRESS-FREE for you, and powerfully EFFECTIVE for your students!

Choose your giveaway (reading, writing, math, science, gift card, or all of them) and enter below!!  Then, please go show these ladies some love on TPT!  Special thanks to Katie Jefferies for organizing this fantastic giveaway and to Jacqueline Ortiz for creating the awesome post images; you ladies are amazing!!

Reading Bundle Giveaway:
Writing Bundle Giveaway:
Math Bundle Giveaway:
Science Bundle Giveaway:
TpT Gift Card Giveaway:

You may also be interested in some fantastic STAAR & Test Prep Apps to help your students prepare this testing season.  Check out our blog post below for more info!

Good luck this testing season!
You got this!!

~Heather & Ashley
Watson Works, LLC

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