Monday, May 1, 2017


Hey Friends!  You do SO MUCH for your students Every. Single. Day.  We want to show our appreciation by giving away some of our Reading Ready, Math Ready, and Writing Ready Task Cards for 2nd-4th grade.  You may enter any or all the subject-area giveaways listed below (6 total); then, come back each day for more chances to win!

Six lucky winners will receive ALL the current and future task card sets* for one grade level & subject area (1 winner for 2nd math, 1 for 3rd math, 1 for 3rd reading, 1 for 4th math, 1 for 4th reading, & 1 for 4th writing).  There are 9+ sets for each grade level and subject area.  Entry for the giveaway starts NOW and ends Friday, May 5th at 11:59pm.
(*Note: If you're a winner, you'll receive the sets we currently have available in our TpT store, as well as the future sets that are still in the works for that grade level & subject area.)

2nd Grade MATH READY Giveaway

3rd Grade MATH READY Giveaway
3rd Grade READING READY Giveaway
4th Grade MATH READY Giveaway
4th Grade READING READY Giveaway
4th Grade WRITING READY Giveaway

And, since it can sometimes be hard to remember why you do what you do during this crazy last month of school, here's a little reminder from @Bored_Teachers. 😉

~Heather & Ashley
Watson Works, LLC

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